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An industrial, volume control needle of 17-4 stainless steel having tight tolerances for size, straightness, roundness, and surface finish. Upon Profile’s success with this prototype-which we assisted in designing for manufacture, were contracted to machine and supply at 30,000 units per year. Our customer commented, “Your company is exceptional in regards to quality, service and price!”

The availability of quality components for your assembly line or for direct customer purchase is essential. And, for you to remain competitive, parts must also be at the required price point.

Profile’s contract manufacturing program (aka blanket purchase order) is an excellent option for sourcing managers searching for a collaborative contract machining and manufacturing partner who can provide a high quality, precision machined and/or manufactured-complete components within a specific delivery window and economically.

The program offers high volume price breaks on frequently used components, while you take delivery only on those lesser, on-demand quantities.

Since inventory management is another key service, the program benefits purchasing managers, their buyers, and production planners by removing guess work This high precision spool blank, of 12L14 steel, has precision tolerances for size, straightness, roundness, concentricity, and surface finish. It is one of approximately two hundred similar components- many of which Profile contract machines and/or manufactures complete for our customer in the hydraulic control valve industry, providing a total component volume of 140,000 units per year.

from procurement and planning.

Releases can be available to ship same day from our dock to your stock to eliminate costly downtime and customer dissatisfaction.

We’re pleased to utilize your packaging and include a time-saving bar code or other labeling, as specified.
Certifications and other quality documentation will be provided as specified.

Streamline your supply chain and positively influence your bottom line. Whether you use the term manufacturing requirements contract, scheduling agreement, or stocking program, Profile will fulfill your precision component needs according to your Kanban,
Just-In-Time (JIT), or
other planning system. A precision machined aluminum pressure sensor casing pairs with the even more precision tolerance brass sensor shown to provide accurate and reliable pressurization changes within extreme and hazardous environment purge and pressurization systems. This Profile customer takes advantage of our contract machining services, and delivery on more than 21,000 total component units per year.

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