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PartMaker ™ rendering of redesigned part and new one-operation set up to eliminate run out, reduce lead time, and lower cost.
Rest easy knowing that when challenges arise between component design and its realization, our engineering and manufacturing team will provide ideal solutions to improve its design for manufacturability (DFM) –often before it hits the production floor.

Consider a result of near-zero run out– diameter to diameter and face to face, the elimination of a secondary operation, and reductions in cost per piece and lead time. All gained by suggesting our customer add a simple feature– a center, into their design, allowing both ends of the part to be ground between centers in one operation!

When a thin-walled, automotive transmission component was
PartMaker ™ image of specialized chuck, engineered and built by Profile, to reduce part distortion and improve cycle time on transmission components
not a candidate for revision, we innovated by designing and manufacturing appropriate work holding and obtained a to-near-zero reduction in part distortion and a cycle time improvement, resulting in a near doubling of higher quality output!

Uniquely complicated parts are supported by development of in-process manufacturing drawings. Dimensional allowances for heat treat, pre-plate, pre-grind, and additional in-process operations are carefully calculated, resulting in piece-after-piece precision.

Profile also offers non-conventional solutions using
Specialty fasteners produced cost-effectively by centerless grinding custom features into off-the-shelf components
conventional equipment- centerless grinding slots and flats in hardened materials and form-grinding parts with multiple features. These non-traditional applications bring with them reduced cost and lead time while engineering value into something otherwise ordinary.

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Read our Design for Manufacture case study on the Gizmotron Shaft, featured in Modern Machine Shop!


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