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Contract Machining Services: Spool Blank, 12L14 Steel

This high precision spool blank, manufactured of 12L14 steel, has precision tolerances for size, straightness, roundness, concentricity, and surface finish. It is one of approximately two hundred similar components Profile has manufactured complete for our customer in the hydraulic control valve industry. We began serving this customer in the 1960s, and today provide a total component volume of 140,000 units per year. Many of these components are in our contract manufacturing program to lessen both cost and lead time- without sacrificing quality.



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Spool Blank
Precise volume control
Hydraulic Control Valve Components

12L14 Steel, heat treated
.615" dia. x 1.6" long
Diameter: .0005"
Straightness: .0002"
Roundness: .000075"
Concentricity: .001"
Surface finish: 8ยต

4,000 / Year
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CNC Swiss Screw Machining
Thermal Debur
Heat Treat
Centerless Grinding
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