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Precision Grinding Services: Poppet, 416 Stainless Steel

This precision poppet manufactured of 416 stainless steel, provides fluid power control within customer assemblies provided to a vast array of industries including agriculture, construction, energy, machinery, and power generation. To maintain precision tolerances for size, runout, angularity, and surface finish, we precision grind these features simultaneously. Profile Grinding began serving this customer in 2009, and also assists them with guides, connectors, and fittings. Currently, we service grind for them a total component volume of 46,000 units per year.


Project Details
Component Name:

Material Finish:
Dimensions, approx.:
Precision Tolerances:

Service Type:
Applied Processes:

Precise fluid volume control
Fluid Power

416 Stainless Steel
.390" dia x .65" long
Diameter: .0004"
Runout: .001"
Angularity: 2°
Surface finish: 12µ

43,000 / year (family of parts)
Precision Grinding Services
Precision CNC Grinding
2-4 weeks

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