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Precision Machining Services, Gib Bracket Set, 12L14 Steel

Our customer, who manufactures precision gaging, contacted us to assist with height gage gib brackets having tight sizing tolerances to overcome any looseness in the measuring device. Since these brackets are used in sets, once initial CNC machining and surface grinding operations were perfomed, Profile paired them to mill and burnish their ID guide holes, matching their size and geometric relationship.


Project Details
Component Name:

Material Finish:
Dimensions, approx.:
Precision Tolerances:


Service Type:
Applied Processes:


Gib Bracket Set
Beam slider bracket
Precision Gaging

12L14 Steel
1 x 1 x 1.5
Size: .0002
Flatness: 0.002
Surface Finish: 32ยต

100 sets / year
Precision Machining Services
CNC Machining
Surface Grinding , CNC Milling
4-6 weeks

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