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Precision Grinding

Precision ID/OD CNC grinding meets the needs of components having more complex geometries or featural relationships which cannot be served by the centerless grinding process. CNC grinding also provides the ability to grind a component’s internal features.

CNC Grinding offers better part-to-part consistency over similar, alternative turning processes, especially for parts with size, roundness, concentricity, and surface finish requirements.

Length: to 20”, approx.
Diameter, ID: .25 - 4.0”, approx.
Diameter, OD: to 6”, approx.
Tolerance: +/- 0.0001”
Finish: 8 micro

Specialty Forms


Steels, plated, hardened Aluminum
Brass & Bronze
Tungsten Carbide & Titanium Hastalloy & Inconel
Powdered Metals

Bearings & Bushings
Shafts & Sleeves
Valves & Pistons
Industrial Needles & Nozzles

Profile specializes in precision cylindrical grinding– that is, precision grinding inside diameters (IDs) and outside diameter (ODs) of cylindrical parts, excelling at those with multiple features, such as grooves, radii, and tapers. In some cases, form grinding may be utilized, where the component’s profile is formed directly into the grinding wheel.

To best manage our precision grinding processes, we utilize workholding methods which obtain efficient material removal for each part feature, while maintaining repeatable accuracy. These include internal (ID) grinding and external (OD) grinding workholding. Between-centers workholding is utilized when in-process support is beneficial, particularly for components with high diameter-to-length ratios.

Face grinding and limited surface grinding and honing services are also available.

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Precision Grinding (CNC Grinding) Equipment List
1 Mitsubishi RD23 OD Grinder – 4 inch diameter and 10 inch   
   length capacity
1 Supertec G25P-50 OD Grinder - 6 inch x 18 inch table
1 Supertec G20P-50 OD Grinder - 6 inch x 18 inch table
1 Okuma GU-34 Universal OD Grinder - 6 inch x 24 inch table
    with optional ID work head
4 Okamoto IGM-NC15 ID/OD Grinders - 8 inch diameter and
   length capacity

CNC precision ground parts of heat-treated, chrome-plated, and light weight aggregate steels. 0.300” - 3.000” dia. with close tolerance, relational features.
Precision Grinding - An industrial needle with threaded end and one having a .003” dia tip flatThe tip of this 2.5” long, chrome-plated, steel needle has a precision ground 0.003” diameter flat.

Stainless steel poppets, stems, and guides precision machined using CNC Precision Grinding technology
Stainless steel poppets, stems, and guides precision machined using CNC Precision Grinding technology

Multiple diameters of industrial needles and shafts remain concentric using CNC Precision Grinding process

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