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Quality Commitment

ISO 9001Quality is more than the finished product. It’s the process, the people, the discipline- everything. It is our essential commitment.

When you need a reliable manufacturing partner, know that Profile’s best-of-breed quality practices and manufacturability improvements will exceed your expectations.

To deliver on that promise:
• In-Process Drawings are utilized
• Lot Control is performed
• First Piece, In-Process, and Final Inspection data is recorded
• Pressure, Vacuum, and Leak Testing is performed, as appropriate
• Component Matching is employed to ensure an exacting fit, where necessary

We will include quality data per your standard, as requested, and including:
• Material Traceability & Certification
• Material Treatment Certification
• PPAP (Production Parts Approval Process)
• SPC (Statistical Control Process)
• COC (Certificate of Conformance)

Our precision instrumentation include:
• Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Cylindrical Form Measuring Machine verifies precision features such as threads, tapers, angles, and radii

Our Dorsey Metrology indicator qualifies the roundness of this cobalt chromium pin within its .0001” specification.
 Cylindrical Form Measuring Machine
• Profilometer (surface finish measurement)
• Digital Height Gage
• Rockwell Hardness Tester
• Microscope

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