August 2018 Surface Grinding: M2A1 Lock Breech

August 2018 Surface Grinding: M2A1 Lock Breech

It’s August, and US manufacturing continues to battle its ever-increasing backlog astemperatures continue to simmer.  We say, no sweat, because we know our countrymen are the ones with real war stories, and Profile is helping them in the fight!

We’re working with a second tier supplier to the US military to precision surface grind lock breeches used in the M2A1 machine gun- our country’s 4th deadliest weapon of war.  Profile designed and built special fixturing to accomplish the task, and although pretty slick, we thought you’d prefer to see the M2A1 in action instead!

We’re heading to Chicago next month to find solutions which will expand upon our precision machining and precision grinding capabilities to offer you more!

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