Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding

Given the limited scope of set up and speed of material removal, centerless grinding is an efficient alternative to precision turning processes for external cylindrical features, and achieves precision size, surface finish, roundness, and concentricity requirements.

Single diameter components in small to mid size runs are offered very competitively by utilizing the thrufeed grinding method, whereby the part is ground while continuously traveling through the grinding and regulating wheels, automatically exiting the work zone. Multiple diameter parts can also benefit if the ground surface is the largest diameter and comprises most of the overall length. Alternatively, thrufeed grinding may be paired with infeed grinding or other grinding methods to obtain final specifications.

During infeed grinding, the part is held between the grinding and regulating wheels in a constant axial location, allowing multiple diameters, radii, tapers, steps, and/or faces to be ground simultaneously to achieve their geometric relationships. This process may also be referred to as crush form grinding since the grinding wheel is dressed, or created, by having to-be-ground features crushed, or formed, into it.

Profile can also help increase the value and function of round commodity parts- such as off-the-shelf dowel pins, by centerless grinding custom flats and slots. Or, turn commodity fasteners- like bolts and screws, into your specialty, captive fasteners, by reducing their shanks for clearance or incorporating shear pin features.

We’ve also produced centerless ground forms some said weren’t possible, like a very small engine valve, and excel at efficiently thrufeed grinding tungsten parts and grinding forms into tungsten blanks.

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Length: to 12″, approx.
Diameter, OD: .062 – 4″, approx.
Tolerance: +/- 0.0001″
Finish: 4µ (microinch)
Grooves, Flats,
Slots Specialty Forms
Tapers Undercuts
Steels, plated, hardened
Brass & Bronze
Tungsten Carbide & Titanium
Hastalloy & Inconel
Powdered Metals
Dowel Pins
Contactors & Electrodes
Shafts & Shelves
Industrial Needles

3 #2 Cincinnati OM Diamond Roll, NC controlled
2 Cincinnati Cinco 15, NC controlled
3 #2 Cincinnati EA
1 Cincinnati OM Infeed/Thrufeed, NC controlled
2 #2 OM Cincinnati w/ Pneumatic Infeed
1 #3 Cincinnati Infeed
1 #3 Cincinnati Thrufeed
Royalmaster Thrufeed
1 Cincinnati Cinco 15 Infeed, NC controlled w/ CNC diamond
dresser (multi-step CNC cylindrical profile grinding of
diameters, angles, and length)

Poppets and sleeves centerless ground after heat treatment. At bottom, a stainless steel shaft.
Diameters of this self-propel lawnmower shaft infeed ground within +/- 0.001" and within 0.00025" for roundness.
Centerless ground OD and slot of a dowel pin and OD of motor valve stems; commodity fasteners centerless ground to incorporate your specialty, captive features.
Profile has mastered centerless grinding forms into tungsten carbide