CNC Turning

CNC Turning

Whether of a short run or in large volume, Profile’s precision CNC Turning practices achieve a lower cost per part in a shorter lead time for nearly any small to medium sized component.

Our newest CNC turning center- with Y-axis and subspindle-equipped, provides economical production of more complex parts in fewer operations.

We also succeed with hard turning operations for hardened parts having low length-to-diameter ratios.  Hard turning generally eliminates subsequent grinding operations, and works well for various steels, Inconel, and other exotics.

Can you believe that turning a work piece to form it dates back to 1300 BC?  Ancient Egyptians developed the two-person lathe, where one person used a rope to spin the work piece while another held a forming tool to it, shaping it symmetrically.

Over the centuries, multiple cultures have contributed to the turning lathe’s development. But it wasn’t until the 1970s that computerized numerical control (CNC) provided the lathe its digital mastery. And since, their advances in tool and work holding achieve both symmetrical and non-symmetrical geometries to the tenth of an inch!

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Length: to 25″, approx. 
Outer Diameter: 10″, approx. 
2.5″ thru-spindle bar feed 
Tolerance: +/- 0.0002″ 
Finish: 16µ (microinch)
Boring & Reaming
Drilling & Tapping
Broaching & Knurling
Grooves & Slots
ID/OD Threading
Contour & Form Turning
Steels (all types) 
Brass & Bronze
Titanium & Tungsten 

Hastalloy & Inconel 
Powdered Metals 
Adaptors & Fittings 
Ball Seats & Discs 
Bushings & Guides 
Connectors & Couplings 
Glands & Housings 
Sensors & Arrestors 
Shafts & Sleeves

1 Mori-Seiki DuraTurn 2050 with 8” chuck, 2 ½”  bar feed capacity 

1 Mori-Seiki NL-2000 with 8” chuck, 2 ½” bar feed capacity, and live tooling 

1 Hitachi-Seiki HiTec-Turn 23 SII with 10” chuck, 2 ½” spindle ID 

1 Doosan Lynx 220LSY with 8″ chuck, 5″ subspindle, Y axis, and live tooling

CNC turned parts with various features, 0.675 - 6.500" dia. Materials include black anodize aluminum, zinc phosphate steel, and nylon.
2.5" diameter brass collars awaiting final inspection and packaging for shipment
IDs and ODs of these larger diameter parts both turned on CNC lathe
Aluminum gas system stand off (3" long) and die cast levers CNC turned