Contract Manufacturing & Machining

Contract Manufacturing & Machining

Streamline your supply chain to eliminate painful expenses– whether they arise from processing and pricing issues, quality standards, or delivery set-backs.

Remove the guesswork- and lessen your risk, from the procurement and planning processes by ordering components manufactured complete. With one purchase order, everything will be skillfully managed for you:

Design for Manufacturability Review
Raw material acquisition
Raw material preparation- such as bar grind or cut to length
Swiss CNC Machining, CNC Turning, and/or CNC Machining
Heat treatment
Grinding, preplate
Grinding, postplate
Other processes include anodize, black oxide, electropolish, braze, passivate,                   thermal deburr, vapor hone
Quality inspections per each step in the manufacturing process
And, all the logistics in between! 

Contract machining and manufacturing is ideal for sourcing managers who prefer a collaborative, quality-conscience manufacturing partner who can provide precision machined components and assemblies within a specific delivery window, and economically.

A blanket purchase order rewards you with higher volume price breaks while your purchasing managers and buyers take delivery only on those lesser, on demand quantities– which ship same day from our dock to your stock.

We will also utilize your packaging and time-saving barcode or other labeling, and include certifications and quality documentation, as specified.

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