Does Profile Grinding “profile grind”?

We do, but only on cylindrical parts. We also have limited surface grinding capabilities for non-round, flat components. However, we currently do not offer profile grinding for edge profiles, such as on a knife blade.

Does Profile only manufacture components having close tolerances?

No. We manufacture components with more open tolerances, for many customers who initially sought out our assistance for their close tolerance work returned to us for less critical parts.

What size parts can you manufacture?

Our niche is manufacturing parts that you can hold in your hand. We can manufacture larger parts, depending upon the part size, features, and tolerances. Please refer to guidelines per department.

What is your Design for Manufacturability Review?

We review component design for all components quoted as manufactured complete and determine the most efficient manufacturing processes to ensure quality output at the lowest cost.

Should the manufacturing process be cost-prohibitive or pose significant quality challenges, we will review specifications with your engineering team and discuss feasible deviations from print so we can deliver your part cost-effectively while ensuring the end product still meets functional criteria.

For example, we suggested one customer add a simple feature- a center, into their design. This allowed both ends of their part to be ground between centers in one operation. This center did not threaten part function or appearance, and its addition resulted in near-zero run out- diameter to diameter and face to face, eliminated a secondary operation, and reduced price per piece and lead time.

Are you able to provide heat treatment and plating services?

Yes. These are just two of the many Material Treatment services we can assist you with, and include in your quote.

What are Profile’s typical lot sizes?

Typical lot sizes range between 100-5000 pieces, although we deliver in the tens of thousands yearly on many components. Note that smaller sized lots, including prototypes, have a higher price per piece than larger lots. The larger the lot, the lower the price per piece as the fixed cost of set up is applied across the larger quantity.

What type of print file do I need to send in for quote?

We can work with nearly any file type, so send what is currently convenient. And, we utilize Partmaker™ software to generate 3D images and internal manufacturing drawings, as needed.

Do you charge for quality documentation?

We do not charge for Certificates of Conformance (COC), yet do charge for more detailed quality documentation, such as Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP) and Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR), and consider the man hours required in calculating your cost.

Can I use my own material or does it have to be included in Profile’s quote?

We prefer to include it in your quotation since our certified vendors offer us competitive pricing and delivery. If you prefer to utilize your sourced material, please let us know in advance of quote. Upon order receipt, we’ll calculate and advise of the amount of material required to complete the order and schedule production once you confirm our receipt date for the material.

How can I obtain a better per piece price?

With very few exceptions, ordering larger quantities will reduce per piece price, as the fixed cost of set up is applied across the larger quantity. Please include the price break quantities which make sense for your operations, and we will quote accordingly.

What is your contract machining and manufacturing program, and its advantages?

Put simply, Profile will manage all the manufacturing processes your component requires: raw material acquisition, machining operations, heat treatment, grind operations, plating, etc. How does this help you?

First, it lessens your risk- one PO and done. No longer do you and your team have to manage multiple vendors, orders, and prices, or between-process delivery dates and logistics.

Quality is also better controlled for each stage in the process. Complicated parts are supported by our in-process manufacturing drawings. Dimensional allowances for heat treat, pre-plate, pre-grind, and additional in-process operations are carefully calculated, resulting in piece-after-piece precision.

What are the advantages of a issuing a blanket purchase order?

A blanket purchase order offers higher volume pricing, and is a cost-reducing option for components with a stable design and higher volume usage. Standard lead times are also shortened, for we’ll manage manufacturing within our production schedule, yet have available your desired release quantities per your desired delivery dates.

What are tooling charges?

Tooling charges cover the cost of non-standard tooling, such as custom work holding or special drills, boring bars, or other tooling required to manufacture your specific component. This specified tooling and work holding provides the most efficient, quality-conscience processing and its cost is generally offset by higher quality and reduced cycle time- which in turn impact price per piece, providing significant savings over time for high volume components.

How is lead time calculated?

Lead times are dependent upon manufacturing complexity and order quantity. We allocate a week for receipt of the specified material, with the remainder based upon manufacturing processes. Parts requiring only one operation, such as Swiss machining, will have much shorter lead times than those requiring multiple operations, such as machine / grind / chrome plate / grind. Lead times for these manufactured complete components generally range from 4-6 weeks.

Lead times are shorter for service grind only components, and generally range from 2-3 weeks

What is your Promise Date?

Our promise date takes into consideration manufacturing lead time, our current backlog in each relative department, and a little wiggle room for unexpected delays. Your order will be on your dock by this date, at the latest!

Can I expedite my order?

We understand the need for responsiveness, and as a matter of course, move orders through for sooner deliveries upon request.

When a more rapid turnaround is required, and additional man hours are necessary to complete the order by your requested expedite date, an expedite charge will be applied to the order to cover these costs.

Unfortunately, in some circumstances, the availability of material, the length of manufacturing processes, or our earlier commitments limit us from expediting to deliver product sooner than as promised.

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