Swiss Machining

Swiss Machining

Swiss machining technology- also known as Swiss screw machining, is a highly cost-effective method for manufacturing small parts with many intricate features.

Unlike conventional lathes, Swiss-type lathes hold bar stock in its guide bushing while advancing the workpiece in the Z axis as it is machined. This reduces deflection, making Swiss machining the preferred technology for producing long, thin components, such as industrial needles used in processing and packaging equipment, pins used in firearms, and precision shafts, among others.

Multiple stationary and “live” rotary tools along both the X and Y axes may be utilized simultaneously in some cases, reducing cycle time.  With the help of the machine’s sub-spindle, parts can be picked off so back-working operations can be performed to produce parts complete.  And, Profile’s newest Swiss machining center is equipped with Y2 and B axes, creating simple, angled features to those most complex.

Swiss CNC machining centers also handle hex and rectangular bar stock, and may be the most efficient manufacturing process for components which arise from this form.  For example, we demonstrated that a strap clamp, made from rectangular bar stock, could be Swiss precision machined in only one operation. Previously, our customer had parts produced on a CNC milling machine which required five operations!

Our strength stems from our Swiss team.  Profile’s Swiss department lead has 25 years of Swiss machining experience, with 35 years of combined experience among the rest of the team- within our facility alone.

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Outer Diameter: .062-1.25″
Tolerance: +/- 0.0001″
Finish: 16µ (microinch)
Holes from .006″ dia.
Side/End/Back-working, On/Off Ctr.
Complex angular features
Drill, Bore, Ream, Tap
Grooves, Slots, Tapers, Forms
Engrave, Etch, Broach, Knurl
Steels (all types)
Brass & Bronze
Hastalloy & Inconel
Buttons, Caps, & Fittings
Poppets & Pistons
Sleeves & Shafts
Industrial Needles & Nozzles
Propellars, Impellars

3 Citizen L32XII with 1 ¼” dia. capacity and B-Axis
1 Citizen L20 Type X with 13/16” diameter capacity and sub-spindle Y axis
2 Citizen L20 Type IX with 13/16” diameter capacity
1 Citizen A3-20 Type VII with 13/16” diameter capacity
1 Citizen A32 Machine with 1 ¼” diameter capacity

Complex, multiple features of industrial spools, sleeves, and valve stems precision machined efficiently using Swiss turning technology.
This bronze 3D printing nozzle machined and engraved on Swiss screw machine.
Profile swiss precision machines custom bolts and connectors- among other components, for the robotics industry.
Swiss-machined from 303 SS, this 1.5” long GO/NO GO gage for firearms industry determines whether primer pockets of bullet casings are suitable for reload.
C673 bronze axle for gearing industry, swiss-machined than OD ground to achieve 8Ra finish