CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Profile’s precision CNC Machining practices achieve a lower cost per part in a shorter lead time for nearly any small to medium, lift-by-hand sized component, whether of a shorter run or in large volume.

We design and fabricate custom tooling and workholding in house to accommodate projects where readily available options do not lend themselves. This allows us to focus on efficient material removal for each part feature while maintaining repeatable accuracy.

From contour and form milling to slitting, and from boring and reaming to drilling and tapping, our CNC Machine & Mill team will bring all your 3 axis-processed components to life!

Did you know that milling technology was first developed by the US government in the 1800s?  By World War I’s end, coordinate dimensioning and machining to the tenth (0.0001″) of an inch were commonplace. Private industry also contributed to technological advances-most notably Brown & Sharpe, who solved the issue of three axis (XYZ) travel, and Rudolph Bannow, who sold his first Bridgeport in 1938.

Driven by an emergence of computers and military pursuit of artillery and missile guidance, numerical control (NC) was realized. By the 1970s, as processing and memory capacity increased, computerized numerical control (CNC) transformed the milling machine into the CNC machining center, and along with it, the culture of manufacturing!

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Length: to 30″, approx.
Width: to 20″, approx.
Height: to 10″, approx.
Tolerance: +/- .0005″
Finish: 16µ (microinch)
Boring & Reaming
Drilling & Tapping
Thread Milling
Contour & Form Milling
Steels (all types)
Brass & Bronze
Titanium & Tungsten
Hastalloy & Inconel
Powdered Metals
Adaptors & Brackets
Glands & Guides
Coupling Components
Housings & Bodies

1 Hitachi Seiki VM40III – 15 inch x 35 inch table, Yasnuc controls
1 Brother TC-S2DN-O – 20 inch x 30 inch table, Brother controls
1 Brother Speedio S1000XL with 20 inch x 40 inch table with C Axis

This turned part, with full radius ID, slotted
CNC Milling manufactures parts with intricate features and multiple geometries. Two at right have undergone anodizing to prevent corrosion and increase wear resistance.
1" dia. aluminum bronze pressure plate with hole patterns machined on CNC Machining Center.
Gib brackets for precision gaging are milled and surface ground, then paired to mill and burnish their ID guide
Gib brackets for precision gaging are milled and surface ground, then paired to mill and burnish their ID guide