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Centerless Grinding Services: Specialty Fastener, 416 Stainless

For many years, Profile Grinding has applied our centerless grinding skills to increase the value of commodity parts, turning an ordinary fastener- such as a bolt, screw, or dowel pin, into a specialty fastener suited for the job at hand. Special features that may be ground into these fasteners include slots, flats, undercuts, and tapers. We also have experience with a variety of materials, including various steels and stainless steels, titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, and Monel.


Project Details
Component Name:

Material Finish:
Dimensions, approx.:
Precision Tolerances:


Service Type:
Applied Processes:

Shouldered Dowel Pin
Specialty Fasteners

416 Stainless Steel
.25" dia. x 1.2" long
Diameter: .0005"
Concentricity: .0005"
Surface finish: 32ยต

300 / year
Centerless Grinding Services
Infeed Grinding
2-4 weeks

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