Precision Machining

Precision Machining

• Need a single precision machining service – such as milling, turning, or grinding?

• Pressed for time with a machine down, a new one is not production-ready, or prefer to off-load production requirements?

• Considering a collaborative, quality-conscience, solutions provider to streamline your supply chain and provide components manufactured complete?

Profile delivers!


We’ll improve processing, quality, and lead time – efficiencies that contribute to your bottom line.

Our precision machining history began in 1945 with Centerless Grinding, progressing into CNC Precision ID/OD Grinding as technology advanced.

Over the last few decades, the additions of Swiss Precision Machining, CNC Multi-Axis Turning, and CNC Mill Machining technologies have grown our portfolio to include very small to small-to-medium sized, precision machined components of multiple geometries and features, while still emphasizing those cylindrical.

And, Profile’s raw material and material treatment trade partners allow us to manage all of your multi-step manufacturing sequences- such as precision machine/heat treat/grind/plate/grind and precision machine/precision grind/anodize, supplying components manufactured complete to print, fulfilling requirements from one piece prototypes to the tens of thousands.

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