Profile Grinding Customer Testimonial

“Your company is exceptional in regards to quality, service and price!” (Customer’s Supplier Metrics Report comment, Swainsboro, GA)

“I’ve heard the legends..but never expected them to be true.. you really are the best in the business!” (Greg, Cleveland, OH)

“We cannot thank you enough for your support on this Program. [Our customer] has dropped a ton of orders on us (8,000pcs from now to the end of the year). Again thank you for your hard work in helping us with this situation.” (Ken, Wellington, OH)

“Just a quick note, very happy with the quality of the new part. You guys did an excellent job.” (Jason, Bedford, VA)

“I truly appreciate this help. I wish all of my suppliers were like Profile!” (Ed in Birmingham, OH)

“We rec’d the part and will be able to meet our customers’ demand. You guys are great! Thanks a million!” (Cindy, Twinsburg, OH)

“Thank you so much for getting on these quick.  I am sending a driver ASAP this morning. Thank you man!!! PLEASE EXTEND A GREAT JOB TO ANYONE INVOLVED!” (Jake Warrendale PA)

“Thank you for the referrals. It was very nice of you to include all that info!”  (Vic, S Plainville, NJ, when Profile was not tooled to quote on a ceramics project and provided information on those who could assist)

“You are the first to come close to a cost that will work when I am up against orders I cannot fulfill. Thank you again for taking the time to quote, you have kept this project alive!” (Mike, Brecksville, OH)

“The General wanted us to pass on to all of vendors that the quality work we are providing has a direct impact on lives of our war fighter. He sincerely appreciates the effort and wishes continued success to all the subcontractors.” (Fred- a first tier supplier to the US military, Windber, PA)

“We received our order today. Thank you for expediting and getting it to us ahead of scheduled. It made the end user very happy. Your extra efforts are greatly appreciated.” (Dick, Lexington, OH)

“You’re awesome!! Tell everyone involved I really appreciate it.” (Bob, Huron, OH)

“Parts were perfect. My customer loved them!” (Howard, North Huntingdon, PA)

“I truly appreciate your reply.  It has been the most helpful that I have received yet. Much discussion has gone on here regarding our critical dimensions/tolerancing.  We will continue to debate the issue in order to relax the specs enough to be manufacturable and still maintain function. Thank you so very much again!” (Jake Pittsburgh, PA)

“Once again, you guys are truly amazing! Thank you for all you do.” (Diane, Cleveland, OH)